Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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Welcome to the Full Moon Party Thailand


About Full Moon Party

On every Full Moon are celebrating many people the biggest beach party of the world on the island Ko Phangan in Thailand. Usually the Full Moon is once per month but sometimes twice.

If you on this time near the island Ko Phangan, you have to visit this party. This party isn’t only on the beach because the whole village Baan Haad Rin is a big party zone. The Party The price for the entrance ticket is 100 Baht. When you go to the party on the main road or from the harbor you have to pay this ticket. If you stay already in the village Baan Haad Rin or you go after 1 o’clock A.M. to the party you mustn’t pay this fee.  You must not stay on Ko Phangan if you want to go to the Full Moon Party because there are many taxi offers from Ko Tao and Koh Samui to the party. But take care because some taxis are very expensive, especial at night if you like to go back to your hotel. Sometimes the taxi to party costs 200 Bhat and back home for the same way 2000 Bhat! You have to negotiate for a good rate.

Drinks on the Full Moon Party are available in buckets. One  bucket include one small bottle of alcohol (Thai Whisky, Vodka, Gin, Jack Daniels…) and Coke, Orange Juice, Sprite, Red Bull,…. with ice and many straws. Drinks The price starts about 170 Bhat for buckets with Thai Whisky till 400 Bhat with Jack Daniels (you can negotiate!).  But take care! What you see is not always what you get! If you will get a save way, then you buy your drinks in the supermarket! It is cheaper and you get what you see.

On this party celebrating in the low season about 5000 people and in the high season until 25.000 people.

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After Kill -Gun Control

Bangkok Post reported in January 2013 about the killed Briton Stephen Ashton at the New Year’s eve party at Koh Phangan (next to Kuh Samui) Thailand.

Stephen a young British man danced at the party, when the 26 years old Ekkapan Kaewkla shot him. Mr. Ekkapan Kaewkla was a part from a group they had a fight with a rival group at the party. Mr. Ekkapan Kaewkla told the police, while he was aiming his gun against his rivals he shot the young British man Stephen Ashton. Mr. Ekkapan Kaewkla told, it was not intentionally. It was only a vital error.

Mr Ekkapan bought the gun in illegal gun manufacturer on Surat Thani’s mainland.

Now the Provincial authorities will start at all tourism areas Gun Controls.

(Source: Bangkok Post, Local News)

Acording to a report from the Dailymail the brought the wounded Stephen Ashton to the next hospital. The next hospital is the Ban Don hospital. The have only elementary surgical  facilities and couldn’t help the wounded man.
It is really a colossal cheek! Every year stay so many tourists on this island without a good health care.

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Photos from the biggest Beach Party of the World. The Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan Thailand.

The famous and infamous Full Moon Party is every month about the full moon. And then the visitors come in droves to celebrate most extensively.

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Fire Jump Rope
Full Moon Party Drinks
Photos Full Moon Party in Ko Phangan 1st
Photos Full Moon Party in Ko Phangan 2nd
Photos Full Moon Party in Ko Phangan 3rd
Photos Full Moon Party in Ko Phangan 4th
Photos Full Moon Party in Ko Phangan 5th
Photos Limbodance
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Half Moon Festival

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A couple of kilometers behind the village Baan Tai next to the street to Thong Nai Pan in the jungle are the place of the Half Moon Festival. On Ko Phangan is every day a party or a festival. The entrance fee for the Half Moon Festival is 500 Baht per person. For this fee you get a disgusting chemical drink and a CD…more